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Roots Physical Therapy & Wellness
Concierge Physical Therapy in Louisville, CO

About Section


Our vision is to provide patient centered physical therapy care through truly taking

the time to listen and guide you to a happier, less painful, and more

grounded life.  

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Customized rehabilitation services for individuals with orthopedic, neurological, and women's health diagnosis. 

Wellness coaching for nutrition and fitness guidance to improve overall

quality of life and health



"Dr. Mary Pavlantos has been my PT for the past 7 years! Mary has a deep faith in helping others and an equally strong skill set that has helped me through a number of complications from a spinal cord injury and athletic injuries. I'm so grateful to know her for her practice and her as a person."



"Mary has been my physical therapist for over 6 years. When I met Mary, I had just been discharged from Craig Hospital, unable to walk and confined to a wheelchair. I was highly dependent on others and was frustrated about my situation. Mary understood my feelings and was a tremendous source of encouragement and support. She created a customized therapy plan which included specific exercises and dry needling with manual therapy.  Mary took the time to make sure I was progressing as I should. With Mary’s care, I am now able to walk and have gained back a high quality of life. I could not have done it without the fantastic care Mary provided! I give Mary my highest recommendation!


“Dr. Mary was my first choice for PT after my ACL replacement surgery. She understood what level of activity I wanted to achieve again and pushed me to get there while improving weaknesses I had even prior to my injury. Through her PT protocol and scaling guidance for Crossfit I was back in the gym quickly and have achieved life time PRs!”



"Mary has been invaluable in my recovery from multiple traumatic brain injuries. She identified many of the symptoms that were the result of the injuries and worked closely with me to redevelop damaged neural pathways. Mary was also instrumental in treating my spinal injuries and deterioration both pre-and post-surgery. In addition I was one of the very early severe Covid-19 patients and again Mary provided excellent treatment. Very little was known at that time yet she intuitively helped me recover from another debilitating condition."


"I began seeing Dr. Mary in 2016 for a hamstring issue. Months earlier I had also sustained a mild traumatic brain injury in a bike crash, and my post-concussive symptoms were still severe enough that I couldn't even fill out the paperwork for my new patient appointment. She told me that she could help with my hamstring, but thought she could also help me address my brain injury symptoms. Mary understood how important running was to me, and she never doubted my big crazy goals. She gave me tools to work on my vestibular and vision issues, while she provided treatment for my hamstring and sciatic issues to keep me running. Mary pushed me to see my brain recovery as no different than my running training. I couldn't keep avoiding the things that triggered my symptoms. Progress was going to take effort, discomfort, and time. That fall I would run my first 100-mile trail race. Six years later, and several 100-mile trail races, I've come a long way. My brain still isn't 100% normal, but it is dramatically improved, and every year brings more progress. I will forever be thankful for the help she provided. "

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"I want to Thank You Mary for being my Physical Therapist. I came in with back pain and tightness. And the treatment I received from you it was a blessing to get the relief I needed. I pray that God continue to bless your hands and wisdom and the heart and love for the people. Again thank you; you are the Best Physical Therapist I have had!"


"I came to Mary after seeing multiple doctors with multiple diagnoses. I was having all over body shaking, difficulty walking, unstable balance, visual impairment, unable to bathe or dress myself, and cognitive decline. Each session, Mary would work to reduce my pain and try to establish some functionality with my body. She would spend her own time researching diagnoses, trying to find new diagnostic tests, and discussing my case with other providers. Eventually she was able to connect me with a physician who was able to figure out what was actually going on. Today, I have full mobility and am nearly back to the state I was prior to my brain injury. Without Mary and her persistence, I don’t think I would be here. She was an absolute blessing and miracle."



​"Since I started working with Dr. Mary, I have learned how to drive again, regained my balance, improved peripheral vision and neck and head movements. While it took me years to recover, Dr. Mary was pivotal in my journey to regain my self confidence and independence."


​"There isn’t enough praise I can heap onto Mary Pavlantos but I’ll try…I just started seeing her on 8/25/22 at Roots PT Wellness and although my TBI was 9 years ago she still manages to work “miracles” on me! My whole right side apraxia ( my arm more than leg needed work) is still pretty bad.  For example, I hold my right arm with my left hand supporting it as I brush my teeth (I don’t notice that I am doing it until I look in the mirror) as my fine motor skills in my right hand are NOT great now. But after Mary did some dry needling on my right hand/arm I now can brush my teeth using only one hand!  Woo Hoo!! She’s also been helping me with a few other issues I’ve been having since the accident in 2013!  She is amazing and very patient, kind, understanding, empathetic, and simply wonderful!  Thank you thank you Mary Finck!!!"

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