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Wellness Consultation 
Bridging the Gap Between Therapy & Life

Pre/Post Natal Consulation

Often times many women have trouble integrating exercise and health back into their lives because so much their energy is spent taken care of others. 

 Time to but the oxygen on yourself first!

  This is an opportunity to discuss a nutrition plan, exercise program, core strengthen, and self-focused program to help women get back the body they desire. 

Post-Surgical Consultation

Returning to exercise, fitness, and normal life activities after you have completed physical rehabilitation for an orthopedic surgery can be frustrating.  We will discuss your current goals, nutrition, and fitness program and help guide you toward your goals. 

Adaptive Consultation

Severe injury and neurological deficits can severely impact quality of life and ability to exercise.  With adaptive certification & training,

Dr. Pavlantos will help you find a means to exercise that best fit your lifestyle.  Adaptive personalized training program will be designed within an individual's functional abilities to allow for strength, balance, and overall cardiovascular conditioning.  


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